Atlanta Film Festival 2017

We’re so happy to be a part of the ATLFF for the second time even though it means 10 days of late nights and early mornings and gigabytes of images to curate. We are ready for the red carpet.

When HBO calls…

You answer! 

Sunday is the Game of Thrones season premiere (like you didn’t know that) and Atlanta has been chosen to be one of 3 cities, worldwide, to screen the first episode of season 6 on the BIG SCREEN.

After being shuttled off to Westeros, hunters will scavenge around for prizes before being whisked to an undisclosed theater to watch to show…after being photographed sitting in the Iron Throne, of course.

Why are we excited (besides being able to watch)? Because HBO hired us to cover the whole event. 

Hopefully you got your name on the RSVP list. If so, we’ll see you there!

Taking on new projects

We’ve got a busy few months ahead of us! First off, we just shot our first burlesque show (in the menu above, under Events) and we loved it! It’s the first time we’ve photographed something like that, with challenging lighting conditions and lots of movement, but we think we did a bang-up job. 

Next up, we’ll be at Sweetwater Brewing for the Que & Brew for a Cause, benefitting a good friend and helping her and her family out with some rather steep medical bills. Please show your support and buy some tickets! For the low, low price of $30 you’ll be able to sample some of the best BBQ from top Pitmasters from all over the USA. This is a BIG event and we’ll be there to cover it all. Say hi!

After that…well, it looks like we’ve been selected to be the official photographers for the Atlanta Film Festival…WHAT!! Yep. Stay tuned for more info, but suffice it to say, the fest has grown tons in the 40 (!) years it’s been going on and this year promises to be bigger than ever.

Welcome visitors, new and old

We have arrived in Atlanta and are busily settling in. Since we’ve newly arrived, we have no weddings or other bookings for the next few months so, don’t be shy, we can probably accommodate all your photography needs. 

Update: We’re shooting our first Savannah wedding mid-November, but we can work around that.


We’re moving!

Hey everyone, please bear with us as we move ACROSS THE COUNTRY. If you’d like to book with us or just say hi, use the contact page. We may take a bit longer than normal to respond, but we will get back to you.

We’re taking about 2 weeks to do an epic roadtrip across the Northern states and the Mid-West, finally reaching ATL sometime around the middle of September. If you have an Autumn, Southern wedding that you’d like us to shoot, we’ll be ready to go within a few days of arriving.

Follow along on our Instagram, Facebooks and Tumblr’s…we’ll be updating as we go!

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