Border Union - Our Story

Well, hello there! We are Eric Reeve and Vanessa Prestage, husband and wife photographers and adventurers. We like to take photos of people and weddings and landscapes and America.

We found each other via an online dating site. Living on opposite sides of the 49th parallel presented some logistical challenges, but by the third date we had deactivated our accounts and 5 months later we eloped. It just felt right. That's how we want you to feel about us, but that we feel like just the right fit for you.

Our styles have evolved in different ways; Vanessa's background is with fine art photography and shooting stills for the TV / Film industry, which also gave her her ninja skills.  Eric's first passion was landscape and documentary work, which strongly influence the symmetry and composition of his images. He also has a special knack for pinning boutonnieres and he is definitely the Photoshop guru in this relationship.

Your story will be told in our unobtrusive, documentary style. We love being a part of your lives and memories, so much so that it's hard for us not to tear up a bit during the speeches and ceremony.  Witnessing couples express the same emotions for each other that we are so happy to have found for ourselves makes us feel very fortunate indeed.


We price our packages to suit the needs of our clients and the demands of the event, but to give you a ballpark event photography is usually $500 for up to 4 hours of coverage, portraits/family sessions are around $300 for 2 hours of coverage and weddings will run $3000 for the day with 2 photographers (us).  All retouching and processing included. 

Will your event be shorter than 4 hours? Do you need the images with a very fast turn-around? Would you like us to shoot on film (see below for more on this) and provide albums? Situations like these will affect the final cost, so please use the contact form to provide a few basic details and we'll get back to you with an accurate quote within 24 hours.

High resolution, edited images for printing, lower resolution copies for posting online are provided to all clients via a trusted online transfer service. DVD copies are available upon request.

Wedding photographs will be delivered on a beautiful, personalized USB drive in an attractive, keepsake case.

Film Photography

We both cut our photographic teeth on film and we still love shooting with our vintage cameras. We'll cover your event in either 35mm or in medium format, but we do prefer to shoot in a combination of film and digital for extra latitude. Film does come with extra costs, of course, for the film itself, developing, scanning and such, so please contact us with an idea of what kind of film coverage you're interested in and we can provide a quote. We suggest capturing your more formal and posed shots and some ceremony photos on film and then let us document the party, guests and other little details on digital.

Prints and Other Media

We work with some of the best local and national printing studios to deliver fine quality handcrafted albums, coffee table books, matted and framed prints, gallery wraps, prints, thank you cards  and the list goes on and on. We use a variety of suppliers and can recommend products that will meet your needs without busting your budget.

Travel Expenses

We will travel almost anywhere to cover your event and do so within a reasonable budget and we won't start charging expenses until we're about an hour outside of Metro Atlanta. Travel expenses are based on a one way charge of $1 per mile from the metro Atlanta area to the location of the shoot; for wedding clients this is your wedding venue. 

For anywhere further afield, we charge $60 a head for lodging and meals for a minimum of 2 nights, the day before the wedding/event and the day of. For air travel, the cost will be based on the best ticket price we can book; we fly economy fare of course.

We love to travel, so please drop us a line and allow us to provide a quote.

We often travel to the Pacific Northwest, so if your event happens during one of these visits, we won't charge extra as long as you're within an hour of Vancouver, BC.

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